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Trip France and Beyond

Trip France Map 1

Trip France Map 1



Trip France and Beyond

Here is the itinerary for my recent trip to France, Amsterdam, London, and Ireland.  I hope it can offer some ideas for whoever planning a trip to similar places.  Please note that the places marked in bold are those I spent the night.

My trip was motivated primarily by a desire to follow Monet's routes.  Whilst doing so, I also made a point to see the works of my other favourites like Van Gogh (in Amsterdam), Johannes Vermeer (in Delft), and J.M.W. Turner (in London).  By the end of the trip, I had saved a handful of names (of masters) that I wanted to follow more closely.  Among them are Pierre Renoir, John Martin, Jean-Francois Millet, Paul Henry, and Joseph Delattre.


Day 1-11  Sydney --- Paris

Day 12-16  Paris --- Le Harve --- Etretat (France)

Day 17-20  Etretat --- Honfleur (France)

Day 21   Honfleur --- Caen

Day 22  Caen --- Pontorson --- Mont Saint Michel --- Pontorson

Day 23  Pontorson --- Saint Malo --- Cancale --- Saint Malo --- Pontorson

Day 24-25  Pontorson --- Brest

Day 26-27  Brest --- Quimper --- Pont-Aven

Day 28-29  Pont-Aven --- Quimperle --- Auray --- Quiberon --- Belle-Ile

Day 30  Belle-Ile -- Quiberon --- Auray --- Paris

Day 31  Paris --- Rouen

Day 32-33  Rouen --- Giverny --- Vernon --- Rouen

Day 34  Rouen --- Paris

Day 35-39  Paris --- Amsterdam (The Netherland)

Day 40-41  Amsterdam -- Delft --- Haarlem --- Amsterdam

Day 42-43  Amsterdam --- Paris

Day 44-48  Paris --- London

Day 49  London --- Dublin (Ireland) (pick up car at airport)

Day 50-51  Dublin --- Cork --- Killarney

Day 52  Killarney (Killarney National Park) --- Dingle --- Slea Head --- Galway --- Oughterard  (Connemara National Park)

Day 53  Oughterard --- Clifden

Day 54-55  Clifden --- Leenane --- Killary Harbour --- Delphi --- Louisburgh --- Westport --- Sligo --- Glencar Waterfall --- Donegal --- Glenties

Day 56  Glenties --- Letterkenny --- Londonderry --- Bushmills --- Coleraine --- the Giant's Causeway --- Dublin

Day 57-58  Dublin (return car at airport) --- Paris

Day 59-61  Paris --- Fontainebleau --- Paris

Day 62-63  Paris --- Sydney


A few things worth mentioning:

1/  The coastline on both sides of Etretat is very picturesque, featuring its distinctive white cliffs and round pebbles.  If time permits, schedule a walk along the coastline.  It is easy to do and the scenery is breathtaking (see picture underneath).

2/  Cancale near St-Malo is a hot spot for oyster lovers.  Its oysters are world famous.  The normal sizes available in the restaurants are the #3's and #2's. Head over to the wholesale stalls located at the far end of the beach.  Not only would you get the #1 size but also the "grand" 0 size at ridiculously cheap prices (like 6 Euros a dozen.)  I ended up taking one and a half dozen there and then had a dozen for take-away back to the hotel.

3/  I drove 2,168km during the 8 days in Ireland.  It is the best way to travel the countries.  If I have to do it again, I think I would fly directly to Kerry instead of Dublin. This way, I can save at least half a day on the road.

4/  Selected images of the trip are on display in the "Europe, UK and Ireland" gallery.


Live Life,  Junius.

Trip France Map 2

Trip France Map 2

Trip Ireland

Trip Ireland

Etretat (www.etretat.net)

Etretat (www.etretat.net)





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