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The Pearl Necklace

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The Pearl Necklace

The idea of doing a painting on pearl(s) couldn't come stronger when I first came across Winsor & Newton's iridescent white.  It was the perfect gloss for the subject.  And following on, there had been some twists and turns before I came to finish the painting showing here in the post.  That was another story.


Today, what I like to talk about is the thought behind this painting.  At first glance, it might be taken as one showcasing the jewelry.  This could be part of the story.  However, the core message that I want the painting to convey is that expression of contentment -- the sheer joy and satisfaction that this girl shows so subtly on her face when she thinks of the pearl necklace she now possesses.  It is no ordinary pearl and no ordinary jewelry, of course.   It is easily a show-stopper.


To go a step further, I would like to think that the pearl (necklace) is just a metaphor of something intrinsically beautiful, pure, and precious.  It is in our heart.  It goes beyond money's worth.  It symbolizes that state of perfection, purity, wisdom, harmony, and the highest virtues of spiritual well-being we can ever dream of.  Following Christian values, it can be summed up in one word: holiness.  It is the 'light" that we hold in our heart.


Whenever I look at the painting which is now comfortably hung up on the wall of my study, I could aspire to that level of joy and excitement from within.  It gives an reassuring message that all is worthwhile when we take the higher road of a godly life (regardless what happens).


Live Life, Junius.


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The Pearl Necklace (Oil Painting) 25x35cm













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