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The Goodness of a Bean Bag for the Camera


The Goodness of a Bean Bag for the Camera

When you are out and about doing pictures, have you ever blamed yourself (figuratively speaking) for not bringing a tripod with you for that extra stability you so badly need for the shot?  This is particularly true in a low-light situation.  Any vibration can make or break an otherwise show stopper.

However, it doesn’t mean to say that having a tripod on the road would be a total assurance either.  As photography enthusiasts, we would most certainly come across situations where we barely have enough time to set the tripod up in place.

A good example is the picture I did and shown here.  It was taken alongside the seashore of Queenscliff, Victoria during my trip to the Great Ocean Road and beyond.   When we arrived there, it was already quite late in the evening.  The sun was setting but was covered by a lot of clouds over the distant horizon.  When we were about to leave the place, we suddenly spotted the lovely orange globe coming out in the distance, but descending very quickly. It barely took a couple of minutes from the time we spotted it to its total disappearance from the horizon.  If not because of my bean bag, I wouldn’t have this picture to show.

I find the bean bag such a humble but supportive companion.  It is so handy for virtually all circumstances.  Travelling along the coast means that it is usually quite windy.  Sometimes, even if there is a handrail, a fence or a tree trunk to lean onto, you can still feel a bit of vibration coming through on the support. However, once you put the bean bag in place, you can immediately feel the good firmness there.  I could easily do 1/30 second with confidence.

The bean bag I have is home made, done by my wife.  The size is roughly about A4 in the width, and about three-quarters A4 as in length.  It is not too small and not too big, enough to provide a good cushion for my camera, the Nikon D3.  We filled it with rice.  The friction and the density provided by the rice is superb.  So far, I still have not come across anything as “tight” and “good support”.

Whilst on the subject, if you are looking for a heavy-weight version of the bean bag, I would highly recommend a visit to this page to see a review of the   “Apex Bean Bag” (not affiliate link). You never know, you might be hooked !

Live life,  Junius.



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