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Seeking Out










Seeking Out

For decades, I have been pondering on the question of "meaning of life" and so my "life purpose".  My time of awakening came at the turn of the millennium when I was desperately seeking for answers.  He responded to me.  I saw the Light and the Refuge that I could count on for eternity.

My belief in Christ Jesus led me to my baptism on December 31, 2003.  The date was so chosen because it signified entering into a new year, a new beginning in my life.  I was so blessed.  There was great sense of peace and joy within.

Though I was happy to learn His way, I didn't progress much not until about 2009 when I made a commitment to read the whole Bible at least once and did it.  Since that time, I have maintained my regular Bible reading, and more -- including my daily prayers as well.

I came to the realisation that:

a/ the Bible is not just a book of God's words on His Plan for our salvation, but actually is also the most practical guidebook on "how to live a fulfilling life here on earth.",­­­ and

b/ the Bible is full of richness in its contents.  It is like an endless treasure.  The more you dwell into it, the more you would see, and the more you would be inspired, and the cycle continues.


Believing in Him and following Him are two different things.  For the rest of my life on earth, I would like to devote myself to "glorifying God and serving others".

God is real.  He is immense.  He is beyond imagination.  His greatness is beyond expression.  I know He is accompanying me.  He is watching over me.  Life in this world  is only meaningful if we have a partake in His Plan,  if our existence aligns with His purpose in us, and that through our deeds, we bring glory to His name.  Our joy always rests on being with Him in the eternal life in Heaven.

In a few days, I will set off for a special journey abroad (thanks to my wife for being  understanding and supportive.)   God willing, I hope I would  be able to gain inspiration enhancing my artistic expression and pursuits, and most importantly, my spiritual growth.

What an immense blessing that is if I could ever glorify Him through art !

Would that happen?  How would that happen?  I have absolutely no idea.  Either way, what matter most is that I submit to Him and His plans.

"Father, into your hands, I commit my spirit."  (Luke 23:46)




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