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PTLens – An Easy Solution for Vignetting, Perspective Distortion, and Chromatic Aberration

Before Correction


After Correction


I have recently acquired a little gadget called PTLens.  It is a wonderful piece of software for correcting issues on vignetting, perspective, and chromatic aberration.  There are quite a few programs out there doing similar things but what makes this one appealing to me is its simplicity to use and very affordable price.  I have no hesitation to recommend this add-on to anyone looking for a solution in this direction.

The program is very versatile.  It can be used as a standalone application, or as a plug-in to editing programs like Photoshop or in my case, Aperture 3.  Using it as a plug-in as in my case is an advantage because I can easily incorporate it as part of the editing process within Aperture.

Another feature that makes it efficient is its database on lens calibration.  Because of that, the program can immediately recognize what adjustment to be made on aberration for instance by reference to the metadata of the picture under review.  It is very much instant and saves a lot of fiddling.

As to the price, it is currently selling at usd 25 a piece and is very good value.  You could even try it for free for the first 10 images.

The owner is Tom Niemann and the product is available from his website www.epaperpress.com/ptlens/ (not affiliate link).

The pictures shown above are actually from his site just to show the correction on chromatic aberration.  (I hope he doesn’t mind.)


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