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Welcome to this space.

It is a special blessing to be able to witness the beauty of the world first-hand, up close and personal. Be able to share the experience with others (thanks to photography) enhances that level of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Photography, like other forms of art, is a self expression.  Whilst I am often fascinated by works of others using high-tech post-processing methods, my passion remains in producing images outright with minimal touch-up and editing.  I am quietly confident that when you look at my works from this perspective, you would get a bit more enjoyment out of them.

My Photo Gallery link is on the sidebar.  Images there can be downloaded for FREE, subject to only one condition: that each such image be always referenced to "Junius Wong", or "JuniusWong.com", or "TheWorldTourist.com" as the source.  Simple steps on download are explained as you enter the link.

The said Gallery is also accessible from TheWorldTourist.com -- a photography blog which I started some years ago.  The name was chosen to infer to our time on Planet Earth.  The blog still continues but only confines to photography related matters.

This domain, JuniusWong.com, on the other hand, would include my other aspects of art and my aspiration of following God and "glorifying Him through art."  In the end, it is not about me. It is not about my art.  It is about God and my testimony of His working on me. It is a journey of humility and transformation, and it gives me great joy and satisfaction to be able to share it with others.


Live Life,  Junius.






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